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Measurement of speed and force of impact

The punch speed and dynamic power is possible to perform each time if you see “READY” on the display. Using hand protectors will not affect the punching speed (many people will increase the speed of a punch because of their psyche). However the use of hand protectors always reduces the dynamic impact power. If all articipants have protectors the force comparison is relative but still relevant.

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Measurement of impact response (reaction time)

Always look at the target and the center of the hitting plate and watch the display only peripherally. The reaction of the strike depends on the distance from the striker. It is the sum of the reaction time and the distance to the target. Reactions can be measured separately but always related to the speed of the strike and the length of the punch.

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Final measurements for professional fighters

Punch Analyzer allows you to analyze and fine tune the punching technique to the optimum form and detect technical mistakes. If you already have excellent results in punch and reaction speed it's time to bring everything together and move closer to a real fight. Now it's up to you how far you will be from the Punch Analyzer and what strategy you choose. If you are too close, you will improve your reaction time, but you will be within reach of your opponent and your punch will probably be slower. If you move far you will improve the speed and power of the punch but the time will increase. For a sporting fight it is necessary to optimize everything and find a compromise in speed and time. Your punch must hit an opponent before his reaction time. We wish you successful training.

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